Sunday, March 24, 2013

C25K Week 8 Day 1

I think this should be getting easier. Today was tough. Really tough. I was thinking it is kind of like childbirth. You think you are going to die while you are doing it, but after it is over you kind of forget how hard it was. After I am done, I am happy and feel great usually. Today, I was disappointed. My run pace was slower, my walk pace was slower, I didn't cover as much ground, and I sweated more than I ever have. My face is still beet red and I finished 25 minutes ago.

I made a quick trip to Louisville to see e kids and didn't eat very well, nor sleep very well, and was pretty down coming home. I miss them so much. I wanted to run, hoping it would clear my mind and make me feel better. The only good thing about today's run was that I did keep it up for 28 minutes straight, just like the app required.

I title the posts C25K as an abbreviation for any couch to 5k program. The one I am actually using is Ease into 5k.

Ok, maybe next time will be a "good" run......


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