Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Too hot to run? Paddle board!

Yep, too hot. Just wasn't feeling it.  So I went home and loaded up the was PERFECT weather for it.  Water as smooth as glass.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekday run

Got in one tonight.

I've not been running as much as I should and my weight is creeping up.  Seems to all be in my belly. Yuck, that is the pits about being middle aged,...but wait, I'm really closer to a senior adult!  I need to commit to more long slow runs.  They say they burn fat best.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Secret City 5k For Haiti

Did a 5k race today. I was very pleased with my results.  Second best time for a 5k.

Place    Name                              Team              Bib No  Age   Overall     Time
       1    Susan Little                                            199       56       59          26:52
       2    Vicky Wallace                                        177       55       84          29:36
       3    Vicki Belt                    Y-12 Team          181      59      103          31:38
       4    Karen Kulan                                            224     56      104          32:14
       5    Rachel Hayes              Y-12 Team          182      57       107          32:53
       6    Toni Roberts                Y-12 Team          217     57       130          35:43
       7    Jill Goodman                                          250     59       132          36:01
       8    Nfn Vrooman               Y-12 Team          292    56       138          37:31
       9    Lisa Gibson                  Y-12 Team          232    55      139          37:36
      10    Sally Goade                                            131     57      140          38:34
      11    Christine McMurray Robbins'                211    58      146          42:47
      12    Jane Dills                                                108    59      168          54:19

Last year I was slower in this race but I won second or third.  More competition this year.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday evening run

I feel like I've been slacking lately in my running.  I've only run a couple of times a week the past two weeks.  But, I've had some awesome friday evening runs.  Tonight and last friday was perfect weather, cool and a bit windy.  Got in 5 miles both times.

If I don't run three times a week, I start feeling out of shape.  A run like this evening makes me realize I am still doing pretty good for my age.  So I had my favorite Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream after dinner.  I love to eat too much to stop running!