Thursday, June 23, 2016

Still Running

Yes, I am still running, although I'm not quite getting 3x a week.  Been working a lot in preparation for being gone a few weeks this summer visiting my favorite little girl (grand daughter), and it is just so darn hot!  Really hard to run in this heat, after working a ten hour day, and my treadmill is in the garage which is at least as hot as outside.

This was my last run a few nights ago.  I waited until 9 pm to start because of the heat, however, the gnats and willow flies were so bad I cut it short.  I had this thought going in my mind "local runner chokes to death of swarm of willow files." Uh, not good.

I did get some paddling in last weekend.  Loved it.  When it is too hot to run, paddle!  It gave my arms a great workout.