Saturday, January 30, 2016

Last long run

Last long run for my 15k training.  Tried to keep a low enough effort so that I was only breathing through my nose.  Worked pretty good, but it was still very tiring.  I don't think I gave myself enough recovery time from last week's long run.

 Sporting some new Brooks. Glycerin 13's (I think).  Tried Hoka's but they were just too bulky.  Brooks has always done pretty well for me.  I think these have a bit more cushioning than the Ghosts I've been wearing.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

15k Training

The plan was to try to run for an hour and a half.  Slow and easy. I did a little more walking than my normal 2 minutes run to 30 seconds walk.  My milage frame of mind wouldn't let me quit at an hour and a half.  I decided to go ahead and get in 8 miles.  Garmin said 8, Nike app 8.3. 

It seems like if you slow down enough you can go forever.  I think my average pace was about 13:30.  Normally it is about 12-12:30. I always tell myself, "don't try to compete with the young folks...your goal is to not get hurt and continue this great exercise program." So, I try to keep it pretty slow. I think I'm going to read up on the 80/20 running plans.  80% slow and 20% fast.  Supposedly, you get faster overall.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Gear

As a Skirt Sports Ambassador I get a few perks.  One is a semi-annual gift certificate to use on their products.  I love their running skirts and tights. Got these in the mail today. Love them.  And just in time for my birthday!! (Number 57 Yikes)

Excuse the messy closet.  This skirt is made to go over tights so it doesn't have attached shorts.  The grey side is a waterproof material and the black side (inside) is a fur like fabric.  It is awesome.  Supposed to be reversible, but I doubt I'd wear the black side out.  The tights are the Go The Distance tights.  Nice subtle pattern, strong tight fit.  I usually get a small in the tights, 'cause I like them to fit snug, but get a medium in the skirt.  I like the skirts to fit a bit loose.

I think this will be my outfit for my upcoming 15k.  The shirt is my Ambassador top, and the jacket is last years hot Chocolate 15k jacket. I guess I'm one of those runners who likes to match.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Long Run Day

I got a late start on my running today.  It was cold. In the thirties but felt colder.  Windy and cloudy. But I did it.  Seven miles.  That is why I like to have a race coming is the motivation I need to get out there.  I am preparing for the Nashville Hot Chocolate 15k on February 13.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cold Run

We didn't have any snow, but it was windy and cold. A feels like of 27 degrees.

I always run a bit faster when it is cold weather.  I guess my body doesn't have to work so hard to keep my temp regulated. I love that I ran a minute faster with each mile.  Now if I could only run all my miles at a sub 11 minute pace.  I know I'm slow, but I'm out there!

Avg Pace
112:54.0 1.00 12:54 
211:56.7 1.00 11:57 
310:48.2 1.00 10:48 
4:02.9 0.01 7:59 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Long Run Friday

Six miles on the agenda today.
Temp was in the mid fifties.  Not to bad, although I do prefer colder.  I took it really slow but got it done and was glad when over.
...but I'm not sure six miles burned off the calories for the FOUR doughnuts I ate yesterday......

Ok, the rest of this post is intended for older women runners or those that have had several babies......

I've mentioned before the problem many runners have with leakage.  Bladder leakage.  Stress incontinence from the pounding.  I saw a new product put out by Poise that is supposed to help with that.  I had my annual exam a few weeks ago and asked my doctor about it.  He told me he has several older running patients who just use a tampon.  He explained that the bladder drops during pregnancy and I guess age also plays a part in the elasticity of the muscles. He said many times if the problem isn't too bad the pressure of a tampon (used in the vagina as intended) puts just enough pressure on the urethra to hold any leaks at bay.  Let me tell you --- it works!!!

So there.

Skirt Sports recognizes this problem and is currently working on a skirt with a trap door.  It will be pad friendly too. To make those unexpected bathroom breaks for runners a bit easier.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Cold Weather Running

Don't you just love running in this weather?  I don't like being out in it, in regular clothes, but I love running when it is 40 degrees and below.  Not sure how far below though, but a feels like of 28 is about perfect to me.
Northface compression tights with a Skirt Sports winter skirt of them, Skirt Sports zip top under a zip sweat shirt jacket, canvas ball cap, ear muffs, gloves, and wool socks -- perfect attire!

I don't think Skirt sells this particular skirt any more but it is great.  I believe it was called the Sweet Skirt.  It is a thicker fabric with a kind of flannel like front and back panel, and has a pretty good sized pocket on the back. It doesn't have compression shorts underneath so it is perfect to go straight over leggings when you want a little modesty or warmth.

These are the best running days. So glad I was off work today to enjoy it, even with a few snow flurries.