Friday, November 29, 2013

Post turkey day

Feeling a little blah today.....miss my kids. I usually don't run two days in a row, but yesterday's 10k really didn't leave me sore or exhausted. Thought a little run would lift my spirits. I did an easy three miles.

Tried to keep things slow and easy enough to keep my heart rate in the 150's. I mean really slow....about a 12:30 min/mi average. I did the hills, and I was so slow, I am sure someone could have passed me walking.


Thumbs up


I hate that the hubby didn't get one of me actually running across the finish line, but he has a hard time walking and it was so crowded. I am pleased with the pictures he did get.....still basking in the enjoyment of actually running a 10k!


Thursday, November 28, 2013

10k - check!

Ok, yes, it was cold, but honestly, I loved it. It was about 25 degrees. I met my goal time. I wanted to do it in around 1:10 minutes. My unofficial time from my Garmin was 1:10:31. My man was there to support me.

Also, I met up with one of my friends from work and her daughter.


Heart rate went up really high in the last 3 miles, but I felt great. I took about three short 30 second walk breaks to get it down. I felt awesome at the end so I turned it on a bit to finish strong. My heart went to 194!! Ok, my max has to be about 210, because even at 194, I still felt great and could talk.

A great experience. A check off on my bucket list.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My first 10k

Tomorrow is the day....... first 10k...yes, I am nervous, mostly because I still don't feel like a real runner, second because I am such an introvert, third because I get really nervous, fourth because it is going to be about 18-20 degrees.....I am sure I can think of other reasons to be nervous.....

...but I really do want to do this...the hubs said he would go with me...that means a lot. More tomorrow on my impressions of this event.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday 2 miler

A little nippy. Wore my favorite NorthFace running tights (shorts over them -modesty!) compression socks, long sleeve technical shirt, fleece zip front jacket, gloves, hat, and ear warmer head band.

Th Garmin said it was 30 degrees with a "feels like" of 21 degrees. I had PLENTY of clothes on. In fact I got hot. The headband came off early. The jacket was unzipped at about mile one. By the end of my two easy miles, I was sweating. I'll be fine if the temp is around 28-30 on the day of the 10k.

Heart rate seems to increase with the cold temps. Still no symptoms when it gets up that high.

Heart Rate

Avg HR:157 bpm
Max HR:174 bpm


Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday long run

I ran in the misty rain today on my favorite running grounds. The hubby had a cardiologist checkup so I wore my running clothes with the intent of doing my long run afterwards. My heart rate gets up pretty high when I run. Way higher than the 166-171 I've read is my max. I've seen it at 180, and I didn't have pain, nausea, or leg cramps. I think mostly it is in the 160's when I run. Today I decided to take it slow, watch my heart rate and give myself permission to walk every so often if I thought it was getting too high. I must be getting better because it was actually difficult to keep a 12 min/mi pace. I walked a bit in mile three and again about a mile or so later. My final time was still probably the fastest I had run that far, and I ended up doing 6.11 miles. It felt awesome. I have an accelerated AV conduction and asked the hubs doctor if that could contribute to my high heart rate. He said it might. My resting heart rate is about 58. I am pretty fit, not overweight.

Avg HR 156
Max HR 167 - I could talk, no pain, no nausea - this can't be my max!

Avg Pace

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Long Run

I met a runner/quilter friend this morning for our long run.  Six miles!  We did it.  We are both registered for a local Thanksgiving day 10K.  I think we are ready.  It was a very nice comfortable run.


Avg Pace

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday run

Two miles. With some hills, formerly known as killer hills.

I really like these under armor compression capris, and one of my new Nike long sleeve tech shirts.

Although at my age, I am still just a bit uncomfortable wearing the tights. They feel great, but I worry that I am not in good enough shape or just too old to be wearing this kind of thing. Does that matter really, if they feel good to run in?


Friday, November 8, 2013

Longest run

I increased my distance to 5.5 miles today. Longest run ever. I also signed up for the Hot to Trot Thanksgiving Day 10k. I hope to run six miles next Friday. Who'd a thunk a year ago I'd be running for five -six miles??


My red-faced, no makeup, happy after 5 and a half-mile run selfie!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I know it isn't really fast, but for me this is progress!  I did three miles with an average under 11 minutes.  I only did that once, and it was over three months ago, so yes, I am thrilled.  I ran on a new route after work in the city where I work.  It is a very nice, wide, paved, route.  No hills.  Maybe the "newness" encouraged me to kick it up a bit.  Or maybe my long runs the last two Fridays, and my hill work on Sunday have actually helped me improve my speed.  Who knows?  But tonight, I am a tired but happy camper!

Avg Pace

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Short run

Decided to go out for a short run today.

The track at the soccer field was full of spectators watching a game so I went around it and did some of the dreaded hills. I've got to add some hills in if I am ever going to get stronger. I was pleased. I had to walk a couple of times but my average time was still 11:03 min/mi, one of my best times.

I sure wish I could find another late life runner blog, or someone local that is about my speed to run with sometimes. I am an introvert, but the more I read about running clubs and how they help keep you motivated, I think I'd like to try to find a running partner.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Longest run

My longest run..... 5.13 miles! Slow, at an average pace of 12:11 but I met my goal of doing a little bit more than five miles. It was hard though. Not sure why I have a harder time running in the mornings. Most people love to run in the mornings......

Pay no attention to the minute/mile on the bottom of my watch. That was ONLY my last tenth of a mile time.


Love my shirt I got at the 5k race a couple weeks ago. Boy, my legs look skinny! That isn't such a great thing at my age, but they are firm! I think there is a little distortion in this pic! Haha. They aren't THAT skinny!

It was a beautiful day. I usually walk this sidewalk to the soccer field and track in the distance....then round and round and round and round....for over an hour.