Friday, October 30, 2015

Getting a little anxious

Yes, a little.  My first half marathon, of two I've scheduled, is Sunday.  I''ve only run ten miles straight.  Last weekend I did 9 on Friday and then another 2.5 on Saturday but I am not sure that counts for 11 miles.  I've struggled with trying to decide my plan for the race. It is important to me not to get injured.  I'd like to really try for a PR on the November 21st half and want to consider this one just a long training run.  I'm competitive enough not to want to finish last, although I know someone has to.  It is hard not to compare myself to other runners.  Comparison is the thief of joy.
So, my plan? Finish under 3 hours.  In three weeks, I'll be looking for a PR - less than 2:43 minutes. i keep telling myself. This time is good for an almost 57 year old who has only run for less than three years. Right?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Perfect day to run

Yes, perfect. 3.1 miles. Nice and easy at a 2 min/30 sec run/walk ratio. Love the Tantrum print compression leggings from Skirt Sports. Get yours with a 20% discount using the code SSAMB20SE.



Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Chase 5K

I did a local 5K yesterday in memory of Chase Ruffer, a little 4 month old who died of SIDS a few years ago.  I had made a quilt for his parents from his little clothes.  For the last few years their church has sponsored a race to raise money for infant loss awareness.

I usually try to run it.  Lucky me!  there were only two in my age group so I came in first!  I met an old friend there who runs too.  She came in first in her age group also.  She is in the 50-54, I'm in the 55-59. Perfect weather to run.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Half Marathon Training Run

Ten Miles today. 10. On the treadmill.  Brought to you by Fons and Porter and Quilt in a Day Youtube videos.

I am back to the 90/30 ratio of seconds running to seconds walking.  I am so sore tonight.  It is hard on this old woman.

I ended up speeding up on the last mile because my son called and wanted to FaceTime.  I had to finish up so I could see my granddaughter.
Avg Pace
114:11.3 1.00 14:12 
213:38.8 1.00 13:39 
315:23.4 1.00 15:23 
414:28.5 1.00 14:29 
513:20.8 1.00 13:21 
613:16.7 1.00 13:17 
712:55.2 1.00 12:55 
812:13.8 1.00 12:14 
913:08.5 1.00 13:09 
1010:50.2 1.00 10:50 
11:05.6 0.01 8:28 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Long run

9 on the treadmill while watching a movie. Not bad. Not bad at all. Ice pack just for some preventative maintenance.