Friday, March 22, 2013

C25K Week 7 Day 3

As cold as it was last night, I still wanted to run after work. I bundled up, but soon found myself too hot after only about 7 minutes of running. Good thing I started in a different direction. After about 12 minutes of the workout I was passing my car, so I paused it, popped the trunk, and shed the sweat shirt. Two layers of the wicking long sleeved tops was plenty, even at 40 degrees. It was a bit difficult but not really that bad. I don't know if that 30 seconds it took to shed the top was cheating or not. Overall I ran for 27 minutes. My pace is slowly getting better. My run pace was 11:41 and my average pace was 12:40. I did three miles, so I hit that goal of the program. Now to get to where I can do three miles at ten minute miles. I think that may take a while.

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