Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Did my first timed trial of the Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) test. Seriously, I walked most of the time. I slowed down to the absolute slowest I could shuffle and my heart rate would alert within about 50 steps. I could also make it alert just doing a fast walk.

Mile 1 - 15:13

Mile 2 - 15:37

Mile 3 - 16:05

180 minus my age, 55 = 125 max bpm. I tried my best to keep it between 120-125, but a few times it did get over it. I'd immediately walk or slow down if I was already walking. This is going to be really tough to stick with this for all my training runs (walks), but I do want to.

Interestingly, on the Jeff Galloway site, for a magic mile of 10:00 (my fastest), his recommended training pace is 15:00 minute miles. Pretty close to my slow MAF trial. Sounds like Jeff and Phil Maffetone are basically saying the same thing.....keep the heart rate low enough to stay in the aerobic zone rather than the anaerobic zone. Build your aerobic base to run the distance faster with the same effort. I like the fact that the aerobic zone uses fat for energy rather than carbs and sugar. That is probably why I always felt like I needed some kind of fuel for any runs over five miles. My energy would get depleted. I believe I read that when your body uses fat it is more efficient.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anyone done the MAF training?

I've been reading more on various training methods. Jeff Galloway is good, I like his run/walk intervals, but I did some research again on the MAF training, Maximum Aerobic Function. Has anyone out there tried it?

Subtract your age from 180 and basically that is your maximum heart rate for all your training runs. I tried it once and I couldn't do but about one five minute stint of running and I had to walk. Too slow for me, but since I am not doing any half marathons for the fall, I'm thinking of really giving it a try again. When I ran in the house last night, which forces me to go slow, my heart rate stayed pretty much below my max of 125 and I was able to run....well, as much as you can run in your house.

So.....I think I am going to give it a go again for all my winter runs, except the rare 5k. I know I'll do one more this year, maybe two.

I would love to talk to someone who tried it for a few months and hear what their conclusions were.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gorgeous day to run

Been reading Jeff Galloway again and got inspired to try something new. He says for my magic mile speed, I should be doing 3/1 intervals for my long runs. I thought I'd try it today just to see if breaking to walk more often made me run faster. It seemed to. My long run times (5-9 miles) have been at about a 12:30 minute mile pace. Today I did 5 miles at a 11:38 pace. I think I started off too fast because it was cold and I just had it in my mind I could do the run parts faster. My right calf cramped up after about a mile and a half. I stopped for a few minutes.

I think I pushed it pretty hard doing my magic mile on Thursday. Maybe that was why it seemed a little hard today. Of course Jeff also would recommend that for my magic mile time I should train at a pace of 15:10. That is barely more than walking. I just can't go that slow, and I am not convinced it would help me get faster. I should try it, I know he has lots of experience with coaching beginning runners that is slow.

Avg Pace
Summary 58:15.7 5.01 11:38
1 11:42.0 1.00 11:42
2 12:09.3 1.00 12:09
3 11:15.9 1.00 11:16
4 12:19.1 1.00 12:19
5 10:46.0 1.00 10:46
6 :03.3 0.01 8:59

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Magic mile

In the Jefff Galloway run/walk training method, he recommends you run a "magic mile" periodically to check your speed. He has a prediction model where you put in your magic mile and he will predict your average pace for different races. The magic mile is a good hard run. If you have to walk a bit, that is ok, but give it a good effort, just not so much that you throw up. I did that tonight and was pleased with my magic mile time.

My total was 3.76 miles at an average pace of 11:04. One of my goals for the year was to run a 10 minute mile pace for either 3 or 5 miles, don't remember exactly. I did it on the treadmill earlier this year for a couple of miles but it is harder on the road/trail. I don't think I'll make a complete 5k at a 10 minute mile average but maybe that can be a goal for 2015. I know a ten minute mile isn't even remotely fast, but for a 55 year old beginner (less than two years), I'll take it. One of my friends commented that pace isn't important, just that you are out there and covering distance. Good advice.

I suppose my competitive spirit, won't let me quite get over pace....even though I have to do self talk all the time about my age and my slow pace.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Long Run

Today was a perfect day to my favorite place....

...long and slow....

Avg Pace
113:28.5 1.00 13:28 
212:50.9 1.00 12:51 
312:29.6 1.00 12:30 
413:24.1 1.00 13:24 
511:33.5 1.00 11:33 
611:53.5 1.00 11:53 
712:10.4 1.00 12:11 
813:04.0 1.00 13:04 
911:33.9 1.00 11:34 
104:45.7 0.40 11:57 

5/1 intervals, walked the hills, and walked while texting my daughter-in-law!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Long Run

Even though I've decided not to do a half marathon this fall, I still want to do some long runs.  I wonder if I am trying to be "ready" in case I change my mind......  did 8.1 miles today.  Walked the hills and did 5/1 run/walk intervals.  Slow but  felt pretty good.  Nothing is really sore.

Avg Pace
112:50.7 1.00 12:51 
212:35.3 1.00 12:35 
312:14.4 1.00 12:15 
413:08.2 1.00 13:08 
512:30.1 1.00 12:30 
612:29.7 1.00 12:30 
712:00.6 1.00 12:01 
812:22.9 1.00 12:23 
9:05.5 0.01 12:24 
101:05.8 0.09 11:36 

I hit the lap button near the end....for whatever reason I don't know.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Moonlight for Sight 5K

Even after catching a cold and feeling pretty rough last night, I still ran the Lion's Club local 5k. I knew it would be a small race and since I'd already registered, I went on. If I have a cold, running always makes me feel better. It was a night race, starting at 9 pm.

Yes, I was the only one in my age group. In fact I was the oldest woman participant.

It is still nice to get a medal.

But, I have to admit I feel even worse today. Coughed a lot last night and am so congested. I am diffusing Thieves (essential oil blend), putting lemon, lavender, and pppermint under my nose, my feet, and my chest. I always tell myself a cold lasts 7-10 days, no need for an antibiotic. Treat the symptoms with lots of natural remedies and maybe some mucinex. I'm sure I'll get over it in a few days.

In the meantime I am thankful that it is only a cold and thankful that I have a nice warm home in which to rest. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Running in Bar Harbor - again


It was a beautiful morning to run today. Temp about 50, sun shining.

I went to the harbor and back, then on the street that goes west out of town and back to make it 3.6 miles. Great run. It is so obvious the temp and humidity play a huge factor in how fast I can run comfortably and how good it feels. Today felt awesome.