Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thirty minute run

Since I've finished the Ease into 5K program, now I am going to focus on my time for those thirty minute runs. Today I ran 11:20 min/mi (5.29 mph). A tad better than last time's 11:30 min/mi. I still have those "I think I am gonna die" feelings while I am running. Funny though, when I am doing the five minute cool down walk, the endorphins kick in, and I feel great. Wonder how long it will be before I actually enjoy the running part??

That weight up there, it is about my weight, give or take a pound or two. I've not lost any since I started this program but I wasn't overweight to begin with. I sure have toned up and I've had a few people tell me I look like I've lost. That's nice.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

C25K Graduate!

Thirty minutes of running at a 11:30 min/mi pace. I'll take it!

What's next? Improving my time. I'd love to be able to run my next 5k in 33 minutes......


Monday, March 25, 2013


They finally posted the results of my first 5k, the Run for Dunn 2013.

So now I have documented proof that I did it. My official time was a bit better than my RunHelper app time. Guess those few seconds it took to start it and stop it added a little on the app. When I printed the results off, I saw that I was number 57 out of 81 people who participated. Most ran, there were only a few walkers.

I'll be graduating this week from my couch to 5k program, and I still have a several weeks to improve my time before the next 5k I am running. It will be May 4th. After my next two runs I'll be up to 30 minutes straight, then I'll focus on getting faster in those 30 minutes before I move to trying to run 3.1 miles without stopping. I'm guessing I'll need to be able to run at least 35 minutes with no walking.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

C25K Week 8 Day 1

I think this should be getting easier. Today was tough. Really tough. I was thinking it is kind of like childbirth. You think you are going to die while you are doing it, but after it is over you kind of forget how hard it was. After I am done, I am happy and feel great usually. Today, I was disappointed. My run pace was slower, my walk pace was slower, I didn't cover as much ground, and I sweated more than I ever have. My face is still beet red and I finished 25 minutes ago.

I made a quick trip to Louisville to see e kids and didn't eat very well, nor sleep very well, and was pretty down coming home. I miss them so much. I wanted to run, hoping it would clear my mind and make me feel better. The only good thing about today's run was that I did keep it up for 28 minutes straight, just like the app required.

I title the posts C25K as an abbreviation for any couch to 5k program. The one I am actually using is Ease into 5k.

Ok, maybe next time will be a "good" run......


Friday, March 22, 2013

C25K Week 7 Day 3

As cold as it was last night, I still wanted to run after work. I bundled up, but soon found myself too hot after only about 7 minutes of running. Good thing I started in a different direction. After about 12 minutes of the workout I was passing my car, so I paused it, popped the trunk, and shed the sweat shirt. Two layers of the wicking long sleeved tops was plenty, even at 40 degrees. It was a bit difficult but not really that bad. I don't know if that 30 seconds it took to shed the top was cheating or not. Overall I ran for 27 minutes. My pace is slowly getting better. My run pace was 11:41 and my average pace was 12:40. I did three miles, so I hit that goal of the program. Now to get to where I can do three miles at ten minute miles. I think that may take a while.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

C25K Week 7 Day 2

I didn't count the race as Day 2 of week 7. I wasn't sure that I ran for 26 minutes straight like my plan said. I did it last night. It went great. I was ready for a less than difficult training day. The race was difficult. Week 7 day 1 was difficult. W7D2 really wasn't too bad. The first ten minutes seem to usually be the hardest. By the time I got to 20, I was thinking this isn't too bad, I think I'll be able to make 26. By 22 minutes I really felt good. When I finished the 26 minute run, I felt that great euphoric feeling. Maybe part of it is the sense of accomplishment, I don't know. All I know is it is a good feeling. My plan is to run tomorrow evening after work. It will be for 27 minutes. From here on out I'll be adding a minute until I graduate at 30 minutes.


I can't believe I have made it this far.

I've learned so much too. There is a great YouTube video called "Running on Air" by Budd Coates. I focused on this method of breathing last night. I don't know if that is why it seemed easier or what. His method of breathing with your steps and being sure you alternate sides for breathing in, is supposed to help avoid injuries. Not sure how exactly, but I am willing to try most anything if it will keep me healthy while I am on this running adventure.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I did it!

I met my goal! Not by much and it was difficult. I wanted to run it in less than 38 minutes. I did 37:42 at an average pace of 11:56 min/mi. I did have to stop and walk at least three times.


My sweet hubby came to cheer me on. You can see there weren't many behind me.


Friday, March 15, 2013

First 5K

I am a little nervous. I am going to look good even if I don't do good!

It will be it the high 40's in the morning at race time. I love running in my cold gear compression pants, even if it isn't very cold. It was about that temperature Thursday evening when I ran and I was very comfortable.

The goal is to finish it in less than 38 minutes. That is pretty slow to seasoned runners but for someone who could barely run one minute six weeks ago, I think it is a reasonable goal.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

C25K Week 7 Day 1

Not sure why, but tonight's 20 minute run was more difficult than the last time I did it. I felt like I was going slower. I just never got into that rhythm when it seemed easier or that endorphin rush. After I ran for 20 minutes I had a three minute walk. I did recover pretty quick so when it was time to do the last five minute run, I thought it would be easier....Not! All I can say is I completed it, which is an accomplishment. I felt like I was really slow but my running time,was,12:18. Last time it was 12:40. I don't get that.

I did 2.94 miles in 38 minutes, which included the warm up five walk, the three minute rest walk, and the cool down walk five. So my goal for my first 5k on Saturday is to finish it in less than 38 minutes. That should allow me a few minutes of walking when I get tired. I am using the race day as my W7D2 training day. I am supposed to run straight for 26 minutes. We will see. After tonight I just hope I can do it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

C25K Week 6 Day 3

I did the dreaded 20 minute run tonight. Wasn't too bad. I thought the first ten minutes were the hardest. I kept waiting for the prompt that said I was half way. The last five or so seemed to be easier. My pace is still pretty slow at 12:41 min/mi but I think that is fine as I work up to the 30 minute run.

I am amazed at the bodies God created. He made them so we can train in tiny increments to see great results. I would have never believed just a few short weeks ago, when I could barely jog for a minute, that I would be able to run 20 without resting.....


Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 6 Day 1

Nice day for a run. Fifty degrees and sunny, perfect weather for a runner. Haha...what do I know? I am a newbie! Two 8-minute runs today with a 3-minute walk in between. Felt pretty good. I didn't follow my own advice and ran two consecutive days. I finished up week five last night in the house. House jogging seems so easy. Maybe it is the hardwood, or maybe because I have to take short strides and go slow. My running pace today was 12:15 minute mile/4.9 miles per hour. I am happy with that. Plan to rest tomorrow and do another on Sunday.

Resting now.......

Hand washed my running this Champion sports bra.



Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 5 Day 2

It seemed too easy tonight. I did my session in the house and no, I don't have a treadmill.  I've walked in my house for years when the weather was bad and I figured if I only jogged in place it would be better than skipping a session.   I am able to jog around the rooms. Tonight was 6/1, 4/1, 6. No problems at all. My plan will be to finish this week's sessions on Friday outside.

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed an exercise program as much as I have this couch to 5k program.  Yes, it can be difficult, but I must be experiencing the endorphin thing....I feel fabulous afterwards. I can see my body firming up. I am burning lots of calories. My resting heart rate appears to be dropping.

Highly recommended. I was thinking this evening if people realized how awesome you feel when you run, everybody would be doing this.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

C25K week 5 day 1

Cold. Snowy. Cloudy. Determined. Deserted. I chose the track today, thought it might be less windy than the walking trail along the lake.
I did it.  Week 5 day 1 = 5 minute warm up walk, run 5, walk 2, run 4, walk 2, run 5, walk 2, run 4, walk 5 to cool down.  My hips are just a tad sore, but I will rest tomorrow and maybe even Monday.  I am ahead of the schedule a bit, because in the first three weeks I paid more attention to the weather and ended up doing a few here and there on consecutive days.  It is pushing me a bit more now, so I doubt I will do that from this point on.

...I'm still loving this......

There is a sense of accomplishment after each run that I can't describe.  I know I would stop long before if I didn't have the prompts on the app to keep me pushing.  It is truly amazing how my old body has adapted.  Some days are harder than others but for the most part, each session I find that I can do more and it really isn't any more difficult than the last time when I did less.

I look forward to when I can say that I am a runner.

I need to register for the March 16th, Run for Dunn, a local school (Michael Dunn Foundation) for those with special needs.  Should I wait to do a 5k when I finish the program or just go for it?  I should be finishing up week six by then if I don't feel the need for any do-overs.