Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bladder issues for women runners

I want this blog to be helpful so I am going to talk about something many may consider too personal. Stress incontinence when running. Yep, I said it. It happens, and to a significant number of women runners. When I started running it happened to me. I had never had a problem with it unless I had an intense coughing fit, so I was shocked...and dismayed. I read everything I could, and there wasn't a whole lot out there about it. So, I want to share some encouragement if you are a new, late life female runner who is experiencing this problem.


I was determined to keep at my training schedule, so I wore "protection", limited my drinks for hours before I ran, and started doing Kegel exercises religiously. I noticed it didn't happen at every run. Seemed to be worse when I was really tired. Soon it stopped. Why? I am not sure. I had read where it takes months for the Kegel exercises to work, so I didn't think that was it, and anyway, after a few days of doing those, they slipped my mind and I ended up forgetting to do them on most days.


I think my body got used to the jarring of running. I think as my muscles toned up from running, somehow the bladder muscles did too.


So, I just wanted you to know. Don't let it stop you from running.....give yourself time to adjust to this new activity. You'll be glad you hung in there. I've been running about 3 miles 3x/week and I am hooked. Tonight I logged 100 miles in my running journey.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Runner's Training Journal

This is a great tool for recording your runs.

It includes all kinds of tips, multiple training plans, and places to record everything about your runs and races. I love data and lists, and know this book will help me see my progress and keep me motivated.

In filling it out, I realized that in my running journey I have run over 94 miles! Currently I am running straight for 36 minutes and I'll do that a couple more times before I increase it to 38 minutes. My pace the last three runs has been 11:48, 11:31, and 11:19 today. I am not trying to get faster but as my endurance gets better my pace is inching faster. I like that.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Race Results

Just saw the results from yesterday's race. Looks like there were only two runners in my age group. From their times, the other three were walkers.

So even though it felt like I did a lot worse than my last race, I was only 20 seconds slower. In the pouring rain.....


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Third 5k

I ran my third 5k of the year. In the pouring rain. Miserable. Didn't beat my last time, but I did well enough to win a second place medal for my age group. Of course, there may have only been three in my age group.....don't



Monday, May 13, 2013

Protein Drink Review

I must say I love these protein drinks.

Each 15 ounce bottle is two servings. Each serving has about 16 grams of protein. Wow. The protein is from a combination of whey and soy. If you are trying to lose a few pounds, or just trying to get enough protein in the day, these are a great choice. I love the mango, chocolate, and the vanilla. Bolthouse farms also makes other drinks full of vitamins and minerals. Their Mocha Cappuchino is delicious. Each serving of it has about 6 grams of protein. Not bad for a sweet coffee drink.

I do at least two of my three weekly runs in the evenings before supper. I am not hungry at all afterwards but feel I need to replenish the protein. A half one of these is usually enough to get me replenished without adding a lot of extra calories.

I've found them at Kroger, Walmart, and Food City.

Try them and let me know what you think!


Friday, May 10, 2013

After C25K, a running maintenance training plan

I ran with a young friend the other night and we took it really slow. I mean s..l..o..w, as in 12 minute mile slow. However, it was probably the best run I've had as far as feeling good. I did 3.1 miles in 36:41 which sounds awful but we chatted the whole time, I could tell my heart rate didn't get up too high, and I felt like I could have gone even farther. I've been trying to read up on beginning running training and most everyone says run for time, don't worry about the distance until you have built up your endurance.

Our wellness advisor at work sent us a running maintenance schedule with the goal of running for an hour after 15 weeks. This is for those who have completed the couch to 5k program and want to increase their distance. You run on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning with 30 minutes and gradually work up to 60. Saturday runs are for miles and are a bit less than the Monday Wednesday runs. Saturday runs begin at 2 miles and work up to 5.

I am going to do it. After Wednesday's run, I know I can. Initially I was going to stretch it out but I was so encouraged by how I felt on Wednesday I may just start at about week four.

I think I've finally got this running thing......

By the way, Marshall's has great deals and a great selection of running clothes. Picked up a New Balance sports bra, an Adidas rain jacket, and a Columbia tech shirt today. Cheap.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Published results

Just saw this online this evening....33:14, I'll take it!

There I am, number 6 out of 15 in my age brackett. Yee-haw! Seriously, there is a great sense of accomplishment when finishing one of these races. No matter how slow you are, you are faster than those who are home on the couch. You know you are doing something good for your health and typically for a good cause. The money from this race went to fund a medical mission trip to Haiti.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Secret City 5k

I ran my second 5k this morning. I was dreading it, but I am very glad I did it. I beat my last time by about four minutes, yay! I think I finished at 33:11 but I'll have to wait until they post the results to know for sure.


I did walk up a hill at the water station, and even walked a couple more short times later. Yet, one of my best times. I do think the adrenaline kicks in on race day.