Monday, August 7, 2017


Yes, soaked, but I don't care.  Today's schedule had me doing 3 miles, but since I knew I'd do 3 easy miles on Wednesday, I decided to go ahead and go for 4.  In the rain.  Not bad really. Guess, I've been doing this long enough now, that I know the benefits far outweigh the discomfort.

 Went to the track just in case it started thundering or lightening, I could get to my car fairly quickly.

Absolutely soaked to the bone!
4.01 mi
12:29 min/mi
Avg Pace
391 C

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Low humidity in August?!

Seriously, what was up with the weather on Friday and Saturday?  I think it was about 64 degrees with 60% humidity on Saturday morning when I went to do my long run.  I had eight miles on the schedule and it really wasn't too bad.
My running trail.....
 The sidewalk runs along the lake, around behind a ball field, back behind the historic fort, and up through the woods to the paved track.  I usually park here and know I am a mile from the track at this point. I'm doing pretty good on my half training.  I am giving myself plenty of time, and would like to work up to 13-14 miles.  I signed up for a virtual 10k on Solar Eclipse day!  Excited about the cool, keepsake medal.  What fall races are you training for?