Saturday, September 26, 2015

Long run Friday

8 miles on the treadmill....while watching Missouri Star Quilting videos......

Not sure that is such a great idea. When I finished I went to their website and bought several new quilting tools.

The treadmill speed isn't working properly so they are sending me a new computer board for it. I've had to use my Garmin, of course with the GPS off, to get a more accurate speed and distance. I actually like running on it. Nice to have my water and GU handy. Nice to be able to watch a video or five, while I run. And pretty easy to switch from a higher speed to a 30 second walk break for my intervals. I did 2 minutes of running to 30 seconds of walking. Worked out great. Just a nice tired feeling.

Thinking of signing up for a half on November 1. I'll have run 10 miles by then. I think that is as much as I did for my first half. This one is three weeks before the other one. Small race, pretty area. Not expensive.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long run


Had seven miles on my schedule and didn't want to risk injury doing more, so I counted my seven as more than enough for the virtual Boobie Run 8k sponsored by Skirt Sports.