Saturday, November 21, 2015

Secret City Half Marathon

Yay!  It is finished!  I haven't run very much since my last half but decided to just go for it today and try to PR (again). I figured if I hurt something I had all winter to recover.  And yes, my knees are killing me, but I think some ice and maybe some Biofreeze and Sore No More (both were in the goody bag) and I should recover fine.  And YES, I PR'd!!!  Unofficial Garmin time was 2:37:58. Three minutes faster than the one I did three weeks ago.

Avg Pace
112:53.5 1.00 12:53 
212:27.3 1.00 12:27 
311:56.1 1.00 11:56 
411:55.6 1.00 11:56 
511:54.8 1.00 11:55 
610:38.2 1.00 10:38 
711:14.8 1.00 11:15 
811:24.8 1.00 11:25 
911:46.8 1.00 11:47 
1012:06.3 1.00 12:06 
1111:52.0 1.00 11:52 
1212:51.3 1.00 12:51 
1312:51.5 1.00 12:51 
142:05.2 0.19 11:00 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Half Coming Up

I haven't run much since the last half and honestly, I am not very worried about the upcoming one n a week. I figure if it is tough, I'll walk. However, I must admit, I am competitive enough (with myself) to really want to beat my last time.  I've only run twice this week, and only 5 miles each time.

I plan to try to do 5 again on Monday and then maybe just 2 on Wednesday.  Then I'll just see how it goes next Saturday.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Foothills Half Marathon Recap

 I finished! And even better than that i finished with no major injuries and a new PR!  I really struggled with how to run this race knowing I have another one in three weeks, but my competitive spirit just would not let me run it like a long run.  I started out fairly slow but now as slow as I should have.  By about mile three I thought, "I'm gonna be sore and hurting tomorrow no matter how I run it so I might as well try for a PR."  It was really tough though. I don't think I was prepared enough. However, in the end, I think I PR'd.  My unofficial Garmin time was 2:41.  My best time on a half before was 2:43.  So I barely squeaked this one by.  I'll take it!

Now I've got the medals from three Halfs!  Yay!
I keep my bling hanging on the wire shelving in our master closet. Yep, I'm slow, but I'm out there trying. And tonight I am sore, but it is the good kind of sore and tired.  I am very thankful that I'm able to to do this. So many folks my age and even younger can't.

Avg Pace
112:12.2 1.00 12:12 
211:45.5 1.00 11:46 
311:46.1 1.00 11:46 
412:09.5 1.00 12:10 
512:15.7 1.00 12:16 
611:50.1 1.00 11:50 
712:06.0 1.00 12:06 
812:18.0 1.00 12:18 
913:06.5 1.00 13:07 
1012:35.8 1.00 12:36 
1113:17.6 1.00 13:17 
1212:56.6 1.00 12:57 
1313:16.9 1.00 13:19