Friday, February 26, 2016

Long Run Friday

Funny, it seems to me now that 5 miles isn't really a long run.....guess it's all about perspective.

Nice day for it.  I had a quilter friend coming over for me to demonstrate how to sew on a binding, so I got in a hurry near the end.  The 5th mile was probably my best one mile time in ages.  I figured out I can take a bit longer strides and it improves my time.  I am doing a 8k race next Saturday.  My only goal is to do it in under an hour.
Avg Pace
113:25.5 1.00 13:25 
212:42.6 1.00 12:43 
312:25.8 1.00 12:26 
411:32.2 1.00 11:32 
510:16.9 1.00 10:17 
6:02.9 0.01 6:16 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Earn that medal

I knew I had to earn that medal I received Saturday.  So I ran my 9.3 miles today on the treadmill.

I feel better now.....

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hot Chocolate 15k Nashville

I trained for it.  Ran up to 9 miles in training.  Due to the cold, the race officials initiated their cold weather plan for today's race.  If your pace was 13 minute mile or more, and you were registered for the 15k, they required you to do the 5k.  I figured my pace would be between 11:30-12:00, but until I hit the cut off at 2.3 miles I had not decided which I was going to do.

 I had four layers on top, two on bottom, and was still so cold.  It was a temp of about 18 degrees with wind, so a feels like of about 10 degrees.

At first I thought, "I can do this" but I was standing around in the thick of the crowd waiting on our corral to start.

I did ok, but at the split, my fingers and toes were still numb so I decided to wimp out and just do the 5k.

:(  Kind of feel like a failure.  They gave us our 15k finisher medals anyway, so I will have to run 9.3 sometime soon so I can feel like I earned it.

I guess the good news is, I placed really well.  There must have been a lot of walkers in my age group.  I placed 18 of 108.  Normally, I place about middle of my age group, unless it is a small local race, then I tend to do better (not as much competition).