Monday, March 7, 2016

Chip Data Recovered

Guess they found my chip data for the race.....

...but they messed up several others I noticed.....One person I talked to who won first at the race, shows second now. One guy who won first but wasn't announced at the race doesn't even show in the new age group listing.  Goodness gracious, someone really messed this up!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Great 8k

I always dread getting up early on a Saturday to go do a race, but am always glad I did.  Today was a little different.......

I had pinned my bib to my shirt, under my jacket, but I knew the jacket would be opened before I started and either opened or off by the time I finished.

The chip didn't register!!  How disappointing!  I beat my goal of an hour, and because I didn't see many people that looked my age, I hung around for the awards.  They called the first place in my age group; I didn't remember seeing her (it was a very small race - 137 runners).  Second place - Me: Hey! didn't I pass her?, Third place - Me: I would have sworn I passed her too!  I second guessed myself and thought well, maybe they passed me near the end, but I did not remember anyone passing me the last mile. I passed several in the last mile.

So....I get home, and a few hours later see the results posted online.  I am nowhere to be found. I look at the folks in my age group.  Only four there.  First place was 50:09, second place was 56:42, third place was 1:01:57.  My Garmin TIME WAS 56:02!

I placed second in my age group!  But was no where to be found in the results.  The only thing I can figure is, I had opened my jacket at the start, zipped it up after I crossed the mat at the start, then at some point in the race, pulled it off and tied it around my waist.  As I was coming to the finish line I untied it and held the sides to open it.  I may have had the bottom still zippered, so maybe it was on top of the timing chip.

Well, I am a bit competitive with myself, so I was disappointed that I didn't get my award.  I wonder if that has ever happened to anyone else?

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