Sunday, November 27, 2016

MAF Training

Most days I really don't feel my age. I'll be 58 in January. Been running for four years.  I recently did my fifth half marathon, and a 10k on Thanksgiving day.  I just can't seem to get any faster. My maximum heart rate is about 200. I know that is way above the 220-age formula, but it is what it is.  I am ready to try the MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) training again.  I tried once before but I could do NO running in keeping it in the 120's (using the formula).  Using 200 as my maximum, I am going to set my Garmin to alarm if it gets over 150. I've been doing lots of reading, and think maybe I've been doing "wasteful" running, by almost always running in my zone 4-5 (150-180) range. I think I am committed to MAF this time.  I'd like to try it for a minimum of 3 months and see if I get improvements in my pace.

Day1 - My normal running pace (typically do run/walk/run) is around 11:15-12:30 and my regular walking pace is a 17 minute mile.  Today I did 4 miles trying to keep my heart rate under 137 (too low I've now decided), and my pace was right around 16 minutes. That was a lot of walking!  Hopefully when I change the range to 140-150 I can actually do more running.  I also like the idea of burning fat rather than carbs. On my long runs I always have to eat a GU or something or I will crash.  Burning fat is supposed to be more efficient for energy and I shouldn't have to add carbs to get energy. I noticed today, I didn't sweat as much and kept a jacket on the whole time.

The only race on my horizon is the tentative Hot Chocolate 15k in February. Not sure if I will be running it, but I hope so.  Maybe there will be some pace reductions by then, if this works. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fifth Half Marathon

I finished my 5th HM today. I survived.  I wanted so bad to beat by best time....and I did!! Not by much though.  I finished at 2:36:30 and placed 10 of 16 in my age group and 420 out of 533 total half participants. At almost 58 years old, I am happy with that.  I am really proud of my brother.  He walked his first 5k after losing 77 pounds since spring.

Love all those calories burned.  My heart rate stayed in the max category the whole time, guess that is why I burned so many.  Going to have to go back the heart rate training and see if I can get that rate down.  I think my average was 177, but it got up a little over 200.  I never felt faint or felt like I was going to throw up, so I don't think it is anything to worry about.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall is the best for running

Perfect day to run.
Sure hope the half marathon is on a day like today. One more long training run at 11 miles to go!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Long Run Friday - Half Training

Wasn't sure I could do it, but I did.  Then came home and signed up for a couple more races.  Nothing like a good long run to make you feel invincible!
 I really love that feeling after a long run - tired, sore, spent.  The endorphins really show up after a good run. Probably the farthest I've run since the 15k I did in February.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Chase

The Chase is a local 5k that raises funds for Heartstrings, an organization to promote awareness and support for those who have lost babies.  It is in memory of little Chase Ruffner, who passed away during his nap time from SIDS, at 4 1/2 months old.  So sad. I made a quilt for his parents from his little clothes.  Anyway, I try to do this race every year. This was the 4th year.  It is a small race.  Very small this year at only 27 5k runners, and about that many who did the 1 mile remembrance walk.

 I'm thrilled that I have a friend close to my age who has started doing some races (next to me in the orange hat).  She is a couple of years younger than me and faster, but I don't mind.  She won grandmasters and me, three minutes behind her,  took first in my age group 55-59.  My other friend there, #4141, is a good runner. She was about 4 minutes ahead of me and won her age group 35-39.

Plodding along.  Just thankful I can run, even if it is slow.  It makes it worth it to bring home a medal, even when there were no competitors in my age group.

The hubby said the big bowl of soup and chocolate cake for lunch hurt my performance.  This was an afternoon race.  I guess he was right.  It was tough, and one of my slower 5ks.  If it hadn't been for my young runner friend, who came back to run the end with me, I probably would have walked even more!  But I'll keep at it.  I love to eat too much to stop! it was a fun but tough day and all three of us brought home a medal!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Half Marathon Training

I'm back from my trip to see the grands.  Sniff. Sniff.  I sure hated to leave them. So very thankful for  facetime and texting.  I managed to get in a good 3 miler, and 5 miler while I was there, but that really isn't much in three weeks.  I was afraid my HM training went down the drain.  However.....

I was able to do 7 miles today!  Yay!  Still my regular 2min/30sec run/walk intervals and slow as Christmas compared to others, but I was very very pleased.  Now, maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get to 10 miles before the November 19th half.  They say if you can get to 10 you can do a half.  I am one very tired but very happy camper tonight.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Running.....after her!

Ha ha.....this is about the only running I will be doing while in Scotland......
Chasing this little one around the park.  She loves to run!  I had planned on continuing my training for the November half but yesterday was supposed to be a long run for me. I needed at least five but eight would have been better.  I tried to run Wednesday after I arrived on Tuesday, but I think the jet lag was too much, and was only able to do 2.5 miles.  Yesterday it felt great.  Nice cool weather, and I thought "I can go long today!" but ......2.6 into my run my left ankle really started bothering me. It continued to get worse so I ended at about 3.2 miles. Bummer.

I guess it is an overuse injury even though I train very, very slow, and only run three days a week.  Guess that what happens when you get old....

Going to try to at least walk 3-4 miles tomorrow and see how it feels.