Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why I run

Why I run: to increase my bone density, improve my heart, experience the "feel good" endorphins, it tones up legs, thighs, and bottom, to maintain a healthy weight, and to prove to myself that I can......why do you run?

I also love to set a difficult goal and strive to accomplish it. By the way, I set a new PR yesterday - 4 miles!!!

Ever seen these?

These are good for warmer weather when you want to pamper/heal cracked heels. I can't sleep in socks, but these aren't so bad 'cause my toes get to breathe!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Runner's Feet

Don't you think every runner needs to pamper her toes every so often??
I do.....
Got a French pedicure today. Nice. Ran 3.5 miles on a treadmill today. The ankle has still bothered me some, but I've really made an effort to stretch it more during the day. It did fine today. It was pouring rain when I wanted to run so I visited the local fitness Center. For $5 you can walk in and run/workout, without being a member. That will come in handy, on days where I don't have access to the worksite treadmill and on days of bad weather.
3.5 is getting easier......

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Still at it

I don't post here much but I will occasionally in hopes that some newbie runner who is over fifty will see this blog and be encouraged. I am continuing my running. Three days a week, occasionally four. This evening after work I ran on the treadmill at our workout center. I'm getting the hang of the treadmill and have decided it really isn't that bad. Did 3.61 miles in 43:03 minutes for a pace of 11:55. That included about a minute of walking starting out and a very slow running pace starting, around 13:30. By the end I was running at 5.6 mph. I think that is a pace of about 10:43 min/mi. That is treadmill pace which, due to lack of wind resistance is faster than level surface outside with wind.

I was very excited. This was a personal record for time and distance. I'm a happy and tired camper tonight!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Good runs!

I recently figured out that low humidity equals a "good" run. Learning to run on a treadmill helps with a good run. On the really humid days I've been using the treadmills at work. They have a huge fan that blows right on you, which is nice. Last week as I tried to wipe my sweat I pulled the key out so it stopped and lost my info. Argh!! I had my stop watch on so I knew my time. I did 39 minutes and felt like I could have done more. Today I did 39 minutes outside on the lakeside trail. Went 3.4 miles. The most I've run. Ever. Felt awesome.