Saturday, May 31, 2014

Voice of the Children 5K

A couple of work buddies and I ran the Voice of the Children 5K in Rockwood this morning. It was a small first time 5K to support an orphanage in Haiti. The young man who put it together is the son of my favorite dental hygienist. They only expected about 50-75 runners but ended up with 125 participants.

My friend, in green, and I took first in our age groups. She is awesome. She just started with the couch to 5k last year around this time, and at 62 years old, runs a 30 minute 5K. I did ok at 34:58, just a few seconds better than the one two weeks ago. My goal is to run one in 30 minutes, but not sure if I'll ever get there. It was fun and for a good cause but the heat and humidity were awful! Not sure I'll do anymore until fall and cooler weather. The knee did great, no pain at all.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Paddle boarding

This was so much fun!

We live really close to the lake. I just may have to get one of these. It is a great upper body and core exercise. The hubs said I could load it on his boat and go with him when he fishes. It is kind of like learning to roller skate. Balance is the big thing when standing. It is even easier if you get on your knees. It is a feeling of freedom gliding across the lake.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Over 50 Running

Are you over fifty and want something to relieve your stress, get in shape, improve your health? I've been wanting to do a post of encouragement for those "not young" folks who are ready to make improvements in their overall health. The key is to start very, very, very slow and of course get a health checkup first with your doctor.

Get the couch to 5k app on your phone, or the Ease into 5k, or print the schedule off from your computer and get yourself a cheap stop watch. You can do it. When you do the "running" portion, go as slow as you possibly can without walking. If is too hard, walk. If you don't complete a week of what is scheduled, just keep repeating that week until you do, or go back a week and move forward allowing yourself more time. You've got the rest of your life. What I've noticed is lots of folks do the running part too fast and hurt themselves right off the bat. Then they are discouraged and think they just can't do it. But you can! Heal, then start over. Learn from it and slow down.

I am starting my second year of running at age 55. I've done two half marathons but in the last one I injured my knee. I am starting over, ever so slowly. I'll get there again, and it will be worth it.
Here is what you'll get from running. Oh, and by the way, get over the thought that if you don't run the whole time you are not a runner. If you run at all, you are a runner!
  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved heart efficiency
  • Improved bone density (since I was diagnosed with osteopenia, this is a big plus for me)
  • Stress relief
  • Runner's high (it is real; endorphins)
And besides all that, if you love technology there are GPS watches to track your heart rate, pace, distance, and even calories. Don't forget all the cute running clothes and other accessories. It will become not only an exercise you love, but a hobby. There are races to meet others and compete against yourself or your age group, and the races help you stay on track with your goals. If races aren't your thing, there is the beauty of scheduled time outside enjoying God's beautiful creation. You can use the time to pray.

.....ok, I'll step down from my soap box.....

If you read this and you need encouragement, write me! ( Obviously, I love to talk about running.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Half Marathon Training

I made up my training schedule for my next half marathon. I am using Jeff Galloway's run/walk method and plan to follow it to a T. I picked the one for a goal of 2:20 finish, only because he didn't have one for a 2:30 finish. However, because of my age and that I am a beginner runner, I am stretching it out from now to November. Slow and easy. Hopefully this will prevent any injuries.

I like that the two weekly short runs are...very short. I'll do 4/1 intervals for those and just work at getting faster in those short little 30 minute runs. The long runs I'll change to 3/1 intervals with the goal of running a pace two minutes slower than the projected race pace. To finish in 2:30 my race pace will have to be 11:30, so my long runs will be 13:30. Wow, that is slow. I'm committed to it though. I don't want any injuries. It also schedules some 800 meter runs at a 5:10 pace, just to get the feel of faster running. Not sure I can do that but I hope to work up to that.

I'm excited. I've missed the long runs and that wonderful, sweaty, spent feeling you get from them. It will still be several weeks before I even get up to seven miles. Hope this isn't stretched out too much. Is there such a thing?


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Today's 5k

Wasn't sure how the knee would do today. I wore the knee strap even though it hasn't hurt my last two slow runs. Me and my work/quilting/running buddy, Linda...

I felt pretty good but it did start to hurt before I hit two miles. I just kept it up at 4/1 intervals.

Tried not to go too fast but couldn't help trying to push my limit with the knee. Ended up with a finish of 35:11. No PR but better than I thought the knee would allow. Won second for my age!

But the knee was screaming for ice by the time I got home. Maybe an epson salt bath in a bit....


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Slowly getting back

I ran a little over two miles on Friday, but then the knee started hurting. Disappointing! I slowed down even more today, switched to 3/1 intervals, and was able to do three miles!! It never even really hurt. Funny, last year I thought a 12 minute mile pace was really slow. Ha, today my pace was 13:48! It is all about perspective. I was thrilled that I was able to keep going for three miles, I don't care how slow. I will get faster but more important is getting the knee back to normal and keeping it that way.

Since I don't have any "running" pictures today, I'll toss in one from my other passion, quilting. Whipped up this little baby quilt this weekend.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ahhhmazing device!

SUCCESS! I was researching last night about runner's knee, and I found where a knee strap often eliminates the pain by transferring the stress away from the tendon. I was so excited. Went by Walmart and purchased the Ace brand (cheap at $11.88).

For the last week I've not been able to do much running at all, and what I did seemed to make it worse. Tonight, I decided to run inside on my hardwood floors to see how it would go, and besides that it was 86 blazing degrees outside! I still felt a twinge when I started but that soon pretty much went away. I took it very slow, about a 13:00 min/mile pace...I went for thirty minutes and it felt great. I felt like I could go on for another 30, but I didn't want to push it.

The amazing thing was my heart rate stayed right at my MAF of 125 bpm. Even running inside that slow it has always been closer to 140 bpm. What's up with that? I wanted to try the MAF training to try to eventually get faster. Maybe I can.

I don't know if any of you other runners are this way, but because I love running so much, I drink more to hydrate, I eat more protein to repair, and I just feel so much better about life. I was beginning to get really discouraged with the knee preventing me from doing much. So tonight, I am one happy camper!!!

Have any of you used the knee strap before?


Friday, May 2, 2014

Beautiful day for a run

Yes, a beautiful day. Too bad I couldn't do much running. Started with 3/1 intervals and only lasted about two miles before my knee started hurting. So I walked most of the rest and did 4.2 miles. Sure hope this knee will heal up. Seems like I was better earlier in the week. I did about three slow miles in the house on wednesday before it began to hurt. I know I am impatient....

Our beautiful trail.

Love my skirt sports running skirt....and my kentucky derby mini marathon shirt.

Georgeous day!