Saturday, March 28, 2015

Skirt Sports news

I wanted to mention that as my friend or family member You can get a 20% discount on any products you want to order from Skirt Sports. Just use the code SSAMB20SE to get your discount. I believe it works on all items, even those on sale.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Late life runner is back

I'm opening back up the running blog. I applied and have been selected to be a Skirt Sports Ambassador! I absolutely love my Skirt Sports running skirts so I thought I need to help them get the word out.

I'll soon have a button for the blog. Take a look at their products at They have great stuff!

So this is what I've been doing over the last few months beginning with today's run. I'm currently in Edinburgh, Scotland visiting my son and his little family, but I've been able to get in two runs. On cool runs I wear my solid black running skirt (no attached shorts) over my leggings. It is called the Sweet Skirt and is on sale right now. If you are after a bit more modesty or just some added femininity for leggings, it is perfect.

After the cold, snowy winter we had I was excited to get back to running outside.
...but I think two weeks of ice/snow and me running inside laps gave me a foot injury. The ball of my right foot has given me trouble ever since.

I did a fun 15k, the Hot Chocolate Run, in Nashville in February. I finished about middle of my age group and was very happy with that, and with no injuries.

Logged a few longer runs in prep for the 15k.

Had a nice warm day during the late winter that called for a running skirt!

...and started the year off right with a New Year's Day 5k.