Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Temperature does matter

A world of difference in this evening's run and Sunday's run. Both days the temp was a feels like of about 80 but today there were clouds and a breeze.

I really love this skirt....and it was on sale! You can get one too and be sure to use my discount at Skirt Sports. The code is SSAMB20SE for 20% off.

Having short hair is great for running. I know there are very few women my age who don't color their hair, but I have so much gray I decided years ago to embrace it.

I keep it very short because it is extremely curly and if I let it grow it looks like a little old lady with a curly perm.....ha....I am getting at that age! This picture was after I ran a towel through it. So short and gray works for me. I just want to be the best 56 year old I can be.


Avg Pace

I always try to warm up in my first mile. Tonight's average was about 2 minutes per mile faster than Sunday's hot run. I haven't had a 10:30 mile in ages!

Question for any readers...I am looking to buy a treadmill. What would you recommend for an older runner with an average pace of 11-12 minute miles? I am 5'4" and about 125 pounds. I don't plan to ever do a marathon but would love to do more half marathons and shorter races.

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