Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Long run

Well, it was intended to be a longer run. I was really sick yesterday with, I guess, some kind of virus that made me extremely dizzy and nauseous. Today I felt perfectly normal. So while I was in Oak Ridge for an appointment I thought I'd run at my favorite place.

Isn't it beautiful? I also wanted to try out Jeff Galloways 3/1 run/walk intervals. I had been reading up on them and that (or 2/1) is what I should be doing according to my Magic Mile pace. So off I go.....the first mile was a warm up, mile two and three felt great and seemed to go a little faster than normal. Until I started having stomach distress. I made a mistake and ate a protein bar before I ran. I was doing a three mile out and back, so I'd get six miles in. I was at the farthest point from my car. I ended up walking the last 2.5 miles. So my longer run really wasn't.

Funny, a walk on a beautiful day seemed like a disappointment. I should be happy I was able to walk. .....but the runners out there will understand.....a sunny, breezy, 60ish temp, is perfect for a run. I felt like I wasted a great running day.


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