Saturday, April 18, 2015

261 Fearless and fishing

Skirt Sports is having a 261 Fearless campaign today in honor of Katherine Switzer who was the first woman to compete in the Boston Marathon in 1967. It's a great story. The officials tried to pull her off the course, but she prevailed and finished. In her honor, many of us did a virtual race today with number 261 bibs (that was her number in the 1967 race).

This afternoon I did my virtual race.

In other sports, we had our annual husband and wife fishing tournament today. It was fun.

On the lake by 7 in the fog..

Jim caught a buzzard! Really. There were about 15 on a dock and he cast towards them to try to scare them away. The hook got caught around one's leg, and went in. We got the hook out and he went on his way, but we videoed it. They decided it would qualify for the biggest "trash fish." Hence, the award below.

We only had one big enough to count. Below our little friend is putting it back in the lake after the weigh in.

I did catch one, but it was too small to keep.


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