Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Did my first timed trial of the Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) test. Seriously, I walked most of the time. I slowed down to the absolute slowest I could shuffle and my heart rate would alert within about 50 steps. I could also make it alert just doing a fast walk.

Mile 1 - 15:13

Mile 2 - 15:37

Mile 3 - 16:05

180 minus my age, 55 = 125 max bpm. I tried my best to keep it between 120-125, but a few times it did get over it. I'd immediately walk or slow down if I was already walking. This is going to be really tough to stick with this for all my training runs (walks), but I do want to.

Interestingly, on the Jeff Galloway site, for a magic mile of 10:00 (my fastest), his recommended training pace is 15:00 minute miles. Pretty close to my slow MAF trial. Sounds like Jeff and Phil Maffetone are basically saying the same thing.....keep the heart rate low enough to stay in the aerobic zone rather than the anaerobic zone. Build your aerobic base to run the distance faster with the same effort. I like the fact that the aerobic zone uses fat for energy rather than carbs and sugar. That is probably why I always felt like I needed some kind of fuel for any runs over five miles. My energy would get depleted. I believe I read that when your body uses fat it is more efficient.

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