Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gorgeous day to run

Been reading Jeff Galloway again and got inspired to try something new. He says for my magic mile speed, I should be doing 3/1 intervals for my long runs. I thought I'd try it today just to see if breaking to walk more often made me run faster. It seemed to. My long run times (5-9 miles) have been at about a 12:30 minute mile pace. Today I did 5 miles at a 11:38 pace. I think I started off too fast because it was cold and I just had it in my mind I could do the run parts faster. My right calf cramped up after about a mile and a half. I stopped for a few minutes.

I think I pushed it pretty hard doing my magic mile on Thursday. Maybe that was why it seemed a little hard today. Of course Jeff also would recommend that for my magic mile time I should train at a pace of 15:10. That is barely more than walking. I just can't go that slow, and I am not convinced it would help me get faster. I should try it, I know he has lots of experience with coaching beginning runners that is slow.

Avg Pace
Summary 58:15.7 5.01 11:38
1 11:42.0 1.00 11:42
2 12:09.3 1.00 12:09
3 11:15.9 1.00 11:16
4 12:19.1 1.00 12:19
5 10:46.0 1.00 10:46
6 :03.3 0.01 8:59

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