Saturday, November 22, 2014


One month, no real progress. I feel like I am seeing progress on my inside runs, but not on the outside ones. This is basically a walk, not even a fast walk. Disappointing. Should I continue? Should I raise my heart rate minimum? 125 translates to a walk for me. I actually did two miles before my GPS found the satellite. It looks like if it doesn't find it before you hit start, it won't find it. I had to power it down and restart it for it to find the GPS. My inside runs are in the 14 minute range and I even got as fast as 13:48 the other day. At least that is a jog, albeit a very slow jog.

Avg Pace
116:05.91.00 16:06
215:57.21.00 15:57
315:57.61.00 15:57
416:09.01.00 16:09

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