Tuesday, November 4, 2014

MAF Test unofficial

It was unofficial because I did it inside, however, I must have impoved because I didn't have to walk nearly as much. I've done three MAF sessions so far. The first was outside and I ended up walking the vast majority of of the time, the second inside where I still had to walk most of the time. The third time, I actually felt an improvement. Still painfully slow, but that is part of it.


I have a goal in mind. From a bloggers extended chart, if I can get my MAF test time down to 13:00 I should be able to do a 5k with 9:00 minute miles. Extended because the normal runners charts don't go past a MAF of 10:00. Obviously not many true beginners or older runners attempt MAF training. They should! If you can get past the mental of going so painfully slow, it is much less strenuous. Last night I felt I could go on for miles. I am hopeful that this will build my aerobic base such that I really can get faster with less effort. I hope to do a long run on Friday. It will be outside and I'll test again.

MAF unofficial timed trial.

Avg Pace

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