Friday, November 7, 2014

MAF test 2

Today's long run was my official test 2 for the MAF training, even though it's only been a little over a week. The recommendation is to test once a month, but since I'm such a data geek, I'll test it with every run. I expected today's outside run to be much slower than the inside runs. Inside is so much easier. I guess because of the constant temperature, softer surface, and no humidity.

Avg Pace
615:42.21.00 15:42
715:48.61.00 15:49
84:11.30.24 17:46

For the test, I'll count miles three, four, and five. Looks like I just warmed up in mile one and two. Miles six and seven were mostly walking. Actually just about everything was done walking. Your fastest should be the first after a good warm up.

The track in the distance is where I walked/ran today. Honestly there was not much running. I also found out with my heart rate staying below 125 I don't get nearly as hot. I've never ran in my headband before, today I kept it on for the full 1:53 minutes. And wore gloves. Again, I've never even kept gloves on no matter how cold it was.

MAF is so hard. So. Painfully. Slow. But I've turned this into a little science project. So I am determined to test the hypothesis, and keep it up through the winter.

Stayed warm in my fleece lined cold gear. After today's effort, my feet really bothered me. I think it is time for new socks and shoes. I am surprised because I think I've just now got about 400 miles on them, but my feet have never hurt before. The balls of my feet burned after the walk/run.


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