Friday, May 23, 2014

Over 50 Running

Are you over fifty and want something to relieve your stress, get in shape, improve your health? I've been wanting to do a post of encouragement for those "not young" folks who are ready to make improvements in their overall health. The key is to start very, very, very slow and of course get a health checkup first with your doctor.

Get the couch to 5k app on your phone, or the Ease into 5k, or print the schedule off from your computer and get yourself a cheap stop watch. You can do it. When you do the "running" portion, go as slow as you possibly can without walking. If is too hard, walk. If you don't complete a week of what is scheduled, just keep repeating that week until you do, or go back a week and move forward allowing yourself more time. You've got the rest of your life. What I've noticed is lots of folks do the running part too fast and hurt themselves right off the bat. Then they are discouraged and think they just can't do it. But you can! Heal, then start over. Learn from it and slow down.

I am starting my second year of running at age 55. I've done two half marathons but in the last one I injured my knee. I am starting over, ever so slowly. I'll get there again, and it will be worth it.
Here is what you'll get from running. Oh, and by the way, get over the thought that if you don't run the whole time you are not a runner. If you run at all, you are a runner!
  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved heart efficiency
  • Improved bone density (since I was diagnosed with osteopenia, this is a big plus for me)
  • Stress relief
  • Runner's high (it is real; endorphins)
And besides all that, if you love technology there are GPS watches to track your heart rate, pace, distance, and even calories. Don't forget all the cute running clothes and other accessories. It will become not only an exercise you love, but a hobby. There are races to meet others and compete against yourself or your age group, and the races help you stay on track with your goals. If races aren't your thing, there is the beauty of scheduled time outside enjoying God's beautiful creation. You can use the time to pray.

.....ok, I'll step down from my soap box.....

If you read this and you need encouragement, write me! ( Obviously, I love to talk about running.


  1. The main reason that I run is because I have a lot of fun running, but there are so many benefits to running for our health. It's a great hobby!

  2. I agree Tina! Fun and an excellent hobby.