Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Product review

I bought this belt at the expo last weekend in Louisville. Love it.

I think they probably sell them at all the big races. $20 for one $35 for two. One large expandable (stretchy) pocket (fits any size phone) and a smaller one. My keys fit in it. Also has two elastic loops on each side to hold GUs. I'm not sure the other energy gels will fit too well but I haven't tried them.

I wore it in the race and it tended to ride up on my waist a bit, but it wasn't really annoying although It feels better at my hips. I think I could have tightened it a bit and it would have been fine. I walked using it tonight and it was great. I hardly knew it was there. It also came with two clips to use for your race bib. No more pinning the bib to your shirt.

This is the other belt (below) I've used for about a year now. I like it too, but when the weather is warm it just feels too hot. It also tends to ride up to my waist. It has four slits to slide in your phone, keys, gels, etc. however, they are much more difficult to get out than the new belt. In fact, it is a big hollow tube so you could really put a lot of stuff inside.

After using both, my favorite is the smaller and more narrow one. Do you use a belt to hold your stuff when you run?


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  1. I have a spibelt I like that's similar to your new one. It holds a lot of running stuff for such a little pouch!