Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I wanted to get out and run tonight and I felt pretty good. So I did. Well, it was mostly walking. I tried the MAF heart rate training but I don't think I am fast enough to start with for it to work for me. After the first mile of mostly walking, the rest was all walking to keep my heart rate at 125. I ended up doing some very slow running the last little bit just because it felt good. I think I am going to stick with Jeff Galloway's method of doing your training runs significantly slower than your race runs. I think it must be based on the same science. Train at a slower pace to build endurance, or your aerobic base. Include a few faster runs so your body knows what the race pace feels like. Remember the word fast for me is relative.

I am ready to sign up for another half. There is another fairly local one in June, then one in December is pretty close too. I don't like spending all the time on the long runs, but I do want to see if I can improve my time...I'd love to shave off 15 minutes, for an even 2:30.

My friend bought me this magnet. Love it!


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