Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Next Half Marathon!

I am so excited!! Excited is really an understatement. After all my nervousness about my first half marathon two weeks ago, I am going to do another one. And it is a BIG one, I think about 14000 half marathoners. The Kentucky Derby half marathon.

My sweet, sweet hubby is taking me. He has a very busy fishing season planned this year, and I think he feels a little guilty for being gone fishing so much. Works for me!

And the icing on this cake is that I get to also see my baby girl granddaughter while we are there! She is growing so much and I can't wait to see that little smiling face.

I read where the elevation climb on the Knoxville half marathon I recently did was about 1000'. I knew it was hilly but for real? That seems a bit much. This one appears to be almost flat, maybe a climb of 40'? I've changed my strategy a bit to see if I can get a little bit faster. I am now doing 5/1 intervals. Five minutes of running to one minute of walking. Haven't really noticed any difference. I did 8 miles last week and plan to do 8 for my long run this week. Is that enough? Too much? My goal for this one will be to set a new PR, which will be anything less than 2:43. Surely I can do that. I walked all the hills in the last one.

We run through. Churchill Downs.....pretty cool..


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