Friday, November 29, 2013

Post turkey day

Feeling a little blah today.....miss my kids. I usually don't run two days in a row, but yesterday's 10k really didn't leave me sore or exhausted. Thought a little run would lift my spirits. I did an easy three miles.

Tried to keep things slow and easy enough to keep my heart rate in the 150's. I mean really slow....about a 12:30 min/mi average. I did the hills, and I was so slow, I am sure someone could have passed me walking.



  1. Hi Rachel. I am thrilled to find your blog! I too am an older runner. I'm 53 and have only been running for a year. I've done 5 5Ks and want to follow your lead and move up to a 10K or maybe even a half marathon!! I've read tons of running blogs but yours is the first where I felt like a "matched". Keep up the good work and I'll check back for your updates. I don't have a blog but maybe you will inspire me on that also. Helen

    1. Helen! I too am thrilled we connected!! I've been searching for someone like myself, age and new runner, to swap stores and experiences with! Did you start with the C25K plan? What was your motivation for deciding to learn to run? Do you, like me, just love it??

      Yes, you should start a blog! If there are two of us older runners there has got to be more out there. You'll find it is a great way to log your progress, post pictures, and journal your experience. You can even make your blog posts into a book at the end of the year. I also have a quilting blog, that I've had for several years (, called Around the blocks) and I usually print off a book every couple of years. I want to preserve it for my granddaughter.

      You'll find I am always full of questions, haha. Great meeting you and thanks so much for "finding" my blog! Curious, did you find me from Runs for Cookies blog?


  2. Hi! I did start with a phone app, couch to 5K. Running is something I always wanted to do but never thought I could. I was always the cheerleader, not the athlete. And I LOVE it! I started the program early summer 2012. Unfortunately, before I actually ran a 5K, I had back problems and ended up having emergency surgery to repair a ruptured disk in Dec 2012. Several doctors told me to quit running but my surgeon said...if it doesn't hurt, give it a try. I was determined. In March 2013, I started the c25K again and between May and Oct, I ran 5 5Ks. I would love to do a 10K or maybe even a half. I'm trying to cross train with swimming over the winter, which is keeping my back in better shape.

    Back in 2011, I did a picture a day blog. It was a lot of fun & it's fun to look back so maybe I will start it again, but with running/fitness slant. The blog title appears with these comments (much to my surprise!)

    I did find you from the Runs with Cookies blog. I love her Monday stories and usually click over to the blogs and yours is the first I've every commented on.

    I'm planning to run tomorrow so maybe I will take your cue and blog about it (unless it rains...a cold rain is beyond me! I'm near Albany, NY)