Friday, November 1, 2013

Longest run

My longest run..... 5.13 miles! Slow, at an average pace of 12:11 but I met my goal of doing a little bit more than five miles. It was hard though. Not sure why I have a harder time running in the mornings. Most people love to run in the mornings......

Pay no attention to the minute/mile on the bottom of my watch. That was ONLY my last tenth of a mile time.


Love my shirt I got at the 5k race a couple weeks ago. Boy, my legs look skinny! That isn't such a great thing at my age, but they are firm! I think there is a little distortion in this pic! Haha. They aren't THAT skinny!

It was a beautiful day. I usually walk this sidewalk to the soccer field and track in the distance....then round and round and round and round....for over an hour.


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