Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday long run

I ran in the misty rain today on my favorite running grounds. The hubby had a cardiologist checkup so I wore my running clothes with the intent of doing my long run afterwards. My heart rate gets up pretty high when I run. Way higher than the 166-171 I've read is my max. I've seen it at 180, and I didn't have pain, nausea, or leg cramps. I think mostly it is in the 160's when I run. Today I decided to take it slow, watch my heart rate and give myself permission to walk every so often if I thought it was getting too high. I must be getting better because it was actually difficult to keep a 12 min/mi pace. I walked a bit in mile three and again about a mile or so later. My final time was still probably the fastest I had run that far, and I ended up doing 6.11 miles. It felt awesome. I have an accelerated AV conduction and asked the hubs doctor if that could contribute to my high heart rate. He said it might. My resting heart rate is about 58. I am pretty fit, not overweight.

Avg HR 156
Max HR 167 - I could talk, no pain, no nausea - this can't be my max!

Avg Pace

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