Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running Advice

I ran today and the weather was perfect, about 68 degrees.  I took it pretty slow and it seemed fairly easy.  I never felt like I needed to walk.  Well, not until about the last half mile, and even then, I knew I could go on.  However, my time averaged 11:34 min/mi.  Funny how if I go a little faster, and then after about two miles allow myself to walk, my overall time is much, much better.  So now the question, should I just keep plodding along at a slow pace or try a bit faster and then allow a couple walk breaks?  Which would a real runner do?

I know what I will probably do in my next 5k race......try to go faster and then walk if I need to.  When I did that before my time was 33 minutes.  Today it was almost 36 minutes.

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