Thursday, April 11, 2013


I did terrible tonight running. I kept waiting around hoping it would cool off but when I saw that the sun didnt set until 8:00, I gave up and went down to run about 7. I just knew I wasn't going to be able to do it, so I set my distance to only 3 miles. Rather than 3.1....maybe I thought that mentally would feel like had to walk at barely over two. I think I have tried to do this too quickly for my age and activity level. I really do think I am getting my heart rate up too high because I feel like I'm gonna walked a bit, but my left groin hurt. It didn't hurt when I was running at all, but as soon as I started walking it hurt, so I had to walk slow. I rested a bit and then just tried to jog enough to keep it from hurting but not hard enough to make me feel like I was dying.

Sooo.......I have a new strategy. Set the distance to 3.1 and just take short walk breaks when I think I need them, with the goal of beating my last 5k record. Funny thing though, tonight, my first mile was by far the best I've ever done at 10:46, mile 2 was 11:23, still not too bad...but mile three, where I had to walk several times was 13:20. And I did not try to go fast in mile one or two...I was just taking it like it felt.....

My breathing gets so hard and strong, and my legs hurts some too but not as bad as my breathing. Some times I can make my legs go faster when I realize it is my breathing that is the problem....

Ok, so I am having to do some self talk......I am still doing something not many folks my age do. It is better than being on the couch tonight. My total time for three miles was 35:26 minutes, add another tenth of a mile and I still probably beat my last 5k time of 37:24.

Plan: set the run Run Helper app to a distance of 3.1. Run as long as I can before I get that I'm gonna die feeling, walk a minute or so, run some more...repeat until I reach the goal. Check my times per mile, check my total time and compare to 37:24, with the objective of getting faster, running longer, until I can COMFORTABLY run the whole 3.1.

A this point I am not sure that will happen before May 4th. We will see.


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