Saturday, January 9, 2016

Long Run Friday

Six miles on the agenda today.
Temp was in the mid fifties.  Not to bad, although I do prefer colder.  I took it really slow but got it done and was glad when over.
...but I'm not sure six miles burned off the calories for the FOUR doughnuts I ate yesterday......

Ok, the rest of this post is intended for older women runners or those that have had several babies......

I've mentioned before the problem many runners have with leakage.  Bladder leakage.  Stress incontinence from the pounding.  I saw a new product put out by Poise that is supposed to help with that.  I had my annual exam a few weeks ago and asked my doctor about it.  He told me he has several older running patients who just use a tampon.  He explained that the bladder drops during pregnancy and I guess age also plays a part in the elasticity of the muscles. He said many times if the problem isn't too bad the pressure of a tampon (used in the vagina as intended) puts just enough pressure on the urethra to hold any leaks at bay.  Let me tell you --- it works!!!

So there.

Skirt Sports recognizes this problem and is currently working on a skirt with a trap door.  It will be pad friendly too. To make those unexpected bathroom breaks for runners a bit easier.

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