Sunday, January 24, 2016

15k Training

The plan was to try to run for an hour and a half.  Slow and easy. I did a little more walking than my normal 2 minutes run to 30 seconds walk.  My milage frame of mind wouldn't let me quit at an hour and a half.  I decided to go ahead and get in 8 miles.  Garmin said 8, Nike app 8.3. 

It seems like if you slow down enough you can go forever.  I think my average pace was about 13:30.  Normally it is about 12-12:30. I always tell myself, "don't try to compete with the young folks...your goal is to not get hurt and continue this great exercise program." So, I try to keep it pretty slow. I think I'm going to read up on the 80/20 running plans.  80% slow and 20% fast.  Supposedly, you get faster overall.


  1. I know a running coach in my area who strongly recommends the 80/20 plan. He swears it works, so I've been trying to follow his advice. I do two easy runs a week (one longer and one shorter), one tempo run, and one with intervals. I also try to end every run with a few strides and sometimes sprinkle a few in the middle of easy runs just because. I've also started running for time instead of distance for now. Crazy, but my pace is improving! I would definitely give it a whirl!

  2. I want to try it. You run more than I do. I only do three runs a week, and sometimes I only get in two. For my shorter run this week, on the treadmill, I did three miles and made sure that I only breathed through my nose. It was a bit slower than normal but really not much. however, I do think my heart rate was still in the 140's. From what I've read, for my age, my slow runs should only get my heart to 125. That for me is impossible. I do have a slight abnormality in my heart that is described as an accelerated something. So, my question for you....if I am running slow enough to only breathe through my nose, should I even worry about heart rate, and continue that pace for my slow (80%) runs?

  3. I have absolutely no idea! I don't worry about heart rate when I run. I use the talk test to find my zones. Easy runs I can have a conversation, tempo runs I can use short sentences, intervals it's only a few words. I breathe through my mouth. It seems if you are going slow enough to breathe through your nose, heart rate wouldn't matter? Would you worry about heart rate at a fast walk? Sorry I can't be more help.