Friday, August 21, 2015

Run/walk updated

I'm at it again.....researching ways to keep running, running better and faster with no injuries.....for a late life runner, not always easy to do. Jeff Galloway has updated his recommended intervals for run/walk. His research shows that if you follow his plan you will be able to run a half marathon faster than if you run continuously, plus you won't have the higher risk of injuries. I had moved from 5/1, 4/1, 3/1, and then recently to 2/1 intervals. Today after reading I moved again, to 90 seconds of running to 30 seconds of walking. It seems like each time I decrease the running time I am faster. I think 90/30 is the appropriate one for my estimated "Magic Mile" pace of about 10:45.

...and again, it seems I was faster with the same effort. However, the humidity was down this morning so I am sure that helped.


Avg Pace
4:27.90.06 7:51

I did the 90/30 for the first three miles. Did a faster run for 27 seconds then walked the rest. Galloway says my training runs should be at a 15 minute mile pace. I can't get that unless I walk the whole time. Not sure what I need to be doing. Maybe I'll send him an email and ask his advice?!?


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