Saturday, August 1, 2015

Long run

I've not run as consistent this summer and I think I've finally hit the middle age spread. I'm not happy about my 'love handles' I seem to have sprouted. I was determined to get in a longer run on Friday before we left for a short overnight trip. I need to plan and start my half marathon training. The more consistent and longer runs should help me lose that pesky 3-5 pounds that have settled in my 'fat back' as a friend calls it.

It was a good five miles. Continued with my 3/1 run/walk intervals. It was long enough that I felt that awesome, tired, achey legs feeling. I love that feeling. Also tried out my new shoes. The old ones had about 500 miles on them. Brooks have worked really well for me. I got the Ghost 7 again. The 8's had come out but the reviews weren't that great. And, the 7's were discounted pretty heavy. my favorite skirt and tank.


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