Friday, August 16, 2013

Running with arthritis

I got a second physical therapist to take a look at my thigh. I realize neither of these guys are doctors but they do have some good experience with getting folks over injuries. The one I talked to this week is the head physical therapist at our work site. He thinks, rather than a pulled muscle, my pain may be from some osteoarthritis in my left hip. I am not surprised. My dad had it is his hips. He approved of the exercises the other therapist had given me but told me he thought I could try running just to see how I do, since I've taken two weeks off.

So today.....I did a good mile walk and then on the paved track ran a mile. I was so excited. I felt like I could have done more but made myself stop at only one. Only a tiny hint of discomfort. There is so much info on the Internet that say you must give up running if you have hip arthritis, but not being a "black or white", " run or don't run" kind of girl, I decided on my own plan. I read an article of a 60 year old man with severe hip arthritis. He loved running so much he developed a stride and foot strike that allowed him to continue running with no pain. Today, I tried to mimic what I had read, kept my pace very, very slow....and no pain.

I will continue with the hip strengthening exercises and check back in with the therapist in two weeks. He thought both hips seemed weak compared to my apparent physical fitness level.

And I will run. I don't care if I never get faster than a 13 minute mile, as long as I can still run.


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