Friday, August 9, 2013

Runner injury

My soreness in my thigh got worse. I tried to run last Sunday and couldn't run at all. I visited a trainer at our work and he diagnosed me with a strained muscle, iliopsoas, and gave me a bunch of exercises to do. He said I could stop running for 2-4 weeks or I could keep trying and be out 6-10 weeks later on. Ok, I've stopped, but I hate it. I haven't run in seven days and I feel like my muscles are wasting away. I am doing the exercises and I plan to swim this week and do the elliptical or recumbent bike a couple times a week too. Hopefully I won't lose all the gains I've made in my cardio and muscle strength. I am telling myself that if I do the exercises every day (they are pretty low key), maybe when I can run again, I'll be stronger and this will prevent any recurrent injuries.


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