Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Still here....

Wow, just saw that it had been April since I posted.....Goodness.  It has been a rough season of life around here. Mom went into Hospice care, and passed away the first of May.  I had company for two weeks around that time.  Just as I was getting back to normal, my son and family made a trip home and stayed with us for almost two weeks.  During which, I caught a terrible cold that lasted FOREVER......(whine, whine, whine - sorry).

But, I am working my way back to 3x a week runs, and hope to do some longer runs.  Did 5 miles Sunday night at 2 min running/ 30 seconds of walking.  Hot, humid, but felt so good to just get it done.  My heart rate was high, as expected and my resting HR that night was about 14 points higher than normal.  I just love technology, don't you??  Yeah, I sleep in my Garmin most nights.

Seen on my running trail.  Not really a trail, a concrete sidewalk.

I am also trying to cut back on my sugar intake.  I feel so much better but I haven't seen any pounds fall off yet.  I'm currently hooked on raw sweet potato slices. Yum.  Trying to eat more fruits and veggies.  I don't have a lot of weight to lose but would like to drop about 5-8 pounds to get to my so-called ideal weight (according to some health app I used).

Yay!  for running again!  Hope to do a fall half....need to sign up, don't I?


  1. Sorry about your mom. No matter how much you try to prepare for it, it's still so hard. I gave up sugar in March for 30 days. I actually ate no dairy, no breads, no sugars, unless it was natural sugar like in fruit. Now I'll eat it if I want to, but I really don't want it often. Breakfasts are now vegetables, eggs, fresh fruit, and maybe bacon. I find my go-to foods now just aren't sugary. And I love milk, but I now do half regular milk and half almost milk. It almost seems like my taste buds have changed. And....that midlife midsection has disappeared! I never thought that would happen.

    1. I long to lose my midlife midsection......