Friday, August 5, 2016

Another hot and humid long run Friday

I ran outside today.  Yuck.  Even though it was cooler, the humidity was still high and I was miserable.  I managed to do 5 miles, but there was a lot of walking.  I upgraded my running watch and I absolutely love all the new features - heart rate on the wrist, available apps, phone and text notifications, and race predictor to name a few.  One thing I don't understand though....
How can this race predictor be right?  I've never done a 32:29 5k, nor a 1:07 10k, and my best HM was 2:37.  Today my average pace was over 14 minutes per mile!  However, I would love to do a HM in 2:30 so I am using this race predictor as my motivation in my HM training. And who knows maybe I can do a 32 and a half 5k.


  1. Your race predictor has super powers! Just go with it! So, yes, you are going to do your HM in 2:30. No doubt about it. I forgot when it is. Is it soon? I'm sure hoping it's in the much less humid fall.

  2. Ha ha! My race isn't until Late November. If I feel ready by the end of October there is another one I'd like to do, but I think I still have a lot of work to do before I could ever get 2:30!