Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Chase 5k

I did the second annual The Chase 5k in memory of four month old Chase Ruffner who passed away from SIDS. The charity is First Candle, an organization committed to safe pregnancies and infant loss awareness. It is a small race, which is good for runners my age. There were only two in my age bracket and I won first. I think the other mostly walked. Didn't break any records and was only a few seconds faster than last year. Today was a tough run. Very humid. Yucky. Why are they sometimes so tough?

Glad I did it. No matter how bad the run is, I always feel really good afterwards.


Below is the quilt I made for little Chase's parents, from his clothes.



  1. What a special quilt! Humidity makes running so hard! Congrats on the win!

    1. Thanks Tina! It was a tough race for me. I was hoping to do better, but I did end up winning female grandmasters.