Friday, June 27, 2014

Still running

Yes, I am still running. Although not quite as obsessed as I was. Enjoyed an easy three mile run last night. This humidity has been pretty bad though. When I finish, the back of my head all the way to my crown is soaked. I am still planning on a fall half marathon. Have a Fourth of July 5k, I am looking forward to sweating that out....not.

Today I did a little of my cross training exercise, that I am crazy about.

...paddle boarding. Great way to get your vitamin D and some core/arms/balance work. Call me crazy but yes, I invested in my own board. Hey, it was cheaper annual beach vacation, eating dinner out every week, or lots of other things folks spend money on in a year...(nails, hair color, etc., ha) and we live so close to the lake, with my own board I can go whenever I want to.
Was also trying out my panorama view on my phone camera. Did ok, even though it was taking the pictures behind a plastic (waterproof) covering.








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