Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Still at it

I don't post here much but I will occasionally in hopes that some newbie runner who is over fifty will see this blog and be encouraged. I am continuing my running. Three days a week, occasionally four. This evening after work I ran on the treadmill at our workout center. I'm getting the hang of the treadmill and have decided it really isn't that bad. Did 3.61 miles in 43:03 minutes for a pace of 11:55. That included about a minute of walking starting out and a very slow running pace starting, around 13:30. By the end I was running at 5.6 mph. I think that is a pace of about 10:43 min/mi. That is treadmill pace which, due to lack of wind resistance is faster than level surface outside with wind.

I was very excited. This was a personal record for time and distance. I'm a happy and tired camper tonight!

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