Thursday, June 23, 2016

Still Running

Yes, I am still running, although I'm not quite getting 3x a week.  Been working a lot in preparation for being gone a few weeks this summer visiting my favorite little girl (grand daughter), and it is just so darn hot!  Really hard to run in this heat, after working a ten hour day, and my treadmill is in the garage which is at least as hot as outside.

This was my last run a few nights ago.  I waited until 9 pm to start because of the heat, however, the gnats and willow flies were so bad I cut it short.  I had this thought going in my mind "local runner chokes to death of swarm of willow files." Uh, not good.

I did get some paddling in last weekend.  Loved it.  When it is too hot to run, paddle!  It gave my arms a great workout.


  1. I wondered where you had been!! I'm with you...the heat is not my friend! The older I get, the more I dislike it (unless I'm at the beach). I did our local 10k, and it was 80 humid degrees at the start. The race organizers actually offered the opportunity to defer until next year. Out of 18,000 people, only about 700 took them up on it. As I stood and sweat in the corral, I kind of wished I had! I decided to just do a run/walk instead and stuffed ice in my bra at every ice stop. Have a great visit with your granddaughter!

    1. Glad to know you missed me!! I did 3 miles this week, which was the first time I have run in 15 days. And I did it in the house, yeah, round and round through my kitchen, dining room, living room. I used to do that before I got the treadmill. It is slow but I honestly believe it still gives me a workout. If you are interested in seeing pictures of my trip to Scotland, go to my website at and clink on blog link and the Scotland Revisited post and you can read about it. I've run many times at temps higher than 80 but it is awful!! Glad you hung in there for your race. Ice in the bra....GREAT idea!!

    2. Scotland looks gorgeous! I think I may put it on my "must travel to" list. I think my husband would like it! I read going by train is a good way to travel through the country. Last year we did Switzerland and Austria by train and backpack and it was such a good experience I want to do it again. Looks like you had a great time. And your granddaughter is very cute :-)

    3. Wow, Switzerland and Austria, sounds great. We rented a car for our Highlands trip. Lots of tiny narrow roads but incredibly beautiful countryside.

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