Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekday run

Got in one tonight.

I've not been running as much as I should and my weight is creeping up.  Seems to all be in my belly. Yuck, that is the pits about being middle aged,...but wait, I'm really closer to a senior adult!  I need to commit to more long slow runs.  They say they burn fat best.


  1. I ask myself often, where did that weight in the middle come from? Was it in my thighs, and then when I turned 56 it made a unilateral decision to move up? Or maybe it was on my back side and it slid over to the front? I guess I really don't check back there often. I swear, it feels like I woke up with it one day. No warning. I shouldn't complain, because making it to my age without the dreaded spread really isn't so bad, but it still kind of ticks me off. Guess I'll be out there doing slow long runs, too! Here's to containing the middle-age spread!

  2. Mary Elizabeth! The "dreaded spread" ha are so right! I've been on the small side most of my life, but this belly! and it is high! The hubby asked me the other night, is Katie pregnant or you?? haha....thank goodness the styles are catering to us older ladies with the "dreaded spread" and they are loose in the belly area. I tried to run today, but it was about 85 degrees....I am I paddle boarded!