Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Half Coming Up

I haven't run much since the last half and honestly, I am not very worried about the upcoming one n a week. I figure if it is tough, I'll walk. However, I must admit, I am competitive enough (with myself) to really want to beat my last time.  I've only run twice this week, and only 5 miles each time.

I plan to try to do 5 again on Monday and then maybe just 2 on Wednesday.  Then I'll just see how it goes next Saturday.


  1. I didn't run for one week after my last half and only did one Pilates class that week. It felt good to take is easy. But fall and winter are my favorite times to run, so I'm back at it! Good luck this weekend!

    1. Thanks Mary Elizabeth! I'm getting more nervous since I haven't run anything longer than 5 miles since the last half.